15-lecie Chóru Morzanie

Serdecznie zapraszamy na uroczystość 15-lecia Chóru Morzanie, które odbędzie się w ramach XI Spotkań Chóralnych.

To wyjątkowe święto muzyki obfitować będzie w wiele interesujących aranżacji znanych utworów muzycznych. Pozwoli również na odkrywanie tych mniej znanych aczkolwiek godnych uwagi.


plakat ostateczny

Download GarageBand On Your PC Windows and Mac OS !!

GarageBand is an application created by Apple that enables you to make music and even podcasts. It was discharged in 2004 for iOS gadgets. At the point when GarageBand App for Windows PC was discharged in 2004 for the Mac, iLife. After some time, it was made for an amazing experience. At the point when GarageBand was discharged for iOS gadgets, it cost $ 7 yet in 2017 Apple made GarageBand free for iOS gadgets.

With GarageBand, You can make music with the distinctive virtual instruments. You can likewise alter MIDI documents and learn music with various records and tunes you can buy.

After you get it with the recording, you can change your melody. One extremely cool element is that you are ready to receive a chronicle.

Will GarageBand Ever Be Released on Windows?

When you consider rivals, Apple and Windows. They contend with PCs, telephones, mp3 players, and different gadgets. Apple bested Windows with telephones, the Windows telephone is en route. In view of that, the not very many. Apple’s application on Windows are iTunes and Safari. On iTunes iTunes iTunes iTunes iTunes iTunes on Windows is a gigantic torment. It is moderate, laggy, and most time it crashes. Safari on Windows is okay, yet is not the internet.

All things considered, GarageBand isn’t accessible for Windows nor will it ever be. Apple is exceptionally defensive of their iOS condition and won’t let that go. As the Apple clients out there know, the Apple biological community works unimaginably well, Everything is impeccably entwined and functions admirably together. They screen and examine any outsider designers that influence their applications to ensure that their item works immaculately. Along these lines, Apple won’t discharge GarageBand for Windows since they would have no real way to screen their item to ensure their biological system is in place. You can’t generally censure Apple for needing to keep their applications accessible just on their items since everything works so well together.

While GarageBand won’t not be accessible on Windows, that does not imply that you can’t utilize GarageBand on your Windows PC. We should cover them:

How to Use GarageBand on Windows?

There are a couple of ways that you can get GarageBand on your Windows PC.

Trap 1: Use Google Chrome Remote Desktop

Google Chrome remote work area application. Picture source: YouTube

This trap will work just in the event that you have a Mac PC, so in the event that you don’t go to the following trap underneath. This strategy includes downloading the Remote Desktop application for Google Chrome on both your Windows PC and your Mac. Here’s the ticket:

Ensure both your Mac and your PC have Chrome downloaded then introduce the Remote Desktop application on both (connection can be found here)

On your Mac dispatch Chrome and complete another tab and approve Chrome Remote Desktop and consent to every one of the authorizations the application needs

Next, you will be incited to share your PC, so click offer and afterward make a note of the code given

Presently open Chrome up on your Windows and run Remote Desktop

Consent to every one of the authorizations required and afterward enter the code you got from your Mac

Hit associate and now you approach your Mac PC

Presently you can dispatch GarageBand from your Windows PC and utilize it like you would on your Mac. While Remote Desktop is an awesome application to utilize, it doesn’t enable you to out on the off chance that you don’t have a Mac to utilize GarageBand from. Here’s the place the following trap becomes possibly the most important factor.

Trap 2: Use an iOS Emulator

The second trap is to utilize an iOS emulator to have the capacity to utilize GarageBand on your Windows PC. On the off chance that you don’t comprehend what an emulator is, that is okay. An emulator is a product that copies (or mimics) something else. For our situation, we need programming that copies an iOS gadget (all the more particularly an iPad with the emulator we propose) to have the capacity to utilize programs made for iOS. While there are a few iOS emulators out there, we suggest utilizing the emulator iPadian (can be downloaded here). iPadian is extremely one of only a handful couple of good iOS emulators out there in light of the fact that it is difficult to get the coding right to emulate an iOS gadget.

When you introduce iPadian you can get a GarageBand and some other applications that you need to use in your Windows PC. Utilizing an emulator may be harrowing however it is sheltered and legitimate to do, and it opens up a lot of applications on your PC.

Trap 3: Try GarageBand Alternatives

Since GarageBand is not locally accessible on Windows you may need to look at different options. The most ideal approach to great contrasting options to GarageBand is to just Google „GarageBand choices for Windows” and hunt through the distinctive outcomes. There is a great deal of projects out there that are similarly as great as LMMS (can be found here) that you can use and not miss GarageBand.


Serdecznie zapraszamy na kolejne koncerty Requiem Bernarda Stielera poświęcone Janowi Pawłowi II

25 marca zaśpiewamy o 21.30 w parafii p.w. Wniebowzięcia NMP w Żukowie

2 kwietnia zaś o godz. 18:00 w kościele w Gdyni- Małym Kacku.